Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why should people execise?

Simply put the more you exercise regularly the more healthy and fit you will be. You may have enough excuses to not to exercise but let me tell you, the benefits of exercising regularly are endless. Here I have tried to compile top 5 reasons to motivate you.

Healthy Heart & Stronger body:

Exercise involves movement of all parts of the body and it makes you breath heavily & forces your heart to pump more blood and this results in stronger heart & lungs. It saves you from heart risks by reducing the LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) or simply said bad cholesterol & also lowers the chances of Type-2 Diabetes. Improved blood circulation keeps arteries healthy & free from blockage. Exercise strengthens your bones, ligaments & muscles fibers which will help you sail easily through aging.

Better Immune system:

Exercise improves oxygen intake of the body which is very importantly linked with immune system. Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg found that the deficiency of oxygen can develop cancer in cells & also lead to tumors. Researchers have consistently shown that slow movements (as in Yoga, Taichi) with focused deep breathing makes the immune system more active & strong.

Kill stress & feel good:

During workout & exercise routine body releases endomorphins, biochemical compunds produced by pituitary gland, which are natural pain-killers and are known as feel good chemicals. These feel good chemicals relax your brain and make you happy & livelier throughout the day.

Burn Fat - Stay fit:

Obesity is consuming lives of million people & is a staggering problem in health space. Sedentary lifestyle & junk food binging has compounded it. Regular exercise will keep your body fat in check and will help you live longer. It will make you look more attractive and also raise your confidence levels.

Exercise is fun:
  • Is following a regular exercise routine boring? Let’s make it FUN!!!
  • Choose exercises\activities which you enjoy.
  • Plug your IPod & listen to your favorite music while exercising.
  • Choose different exercises\activities each day. (Eg: vary exercise routines, go swimming or bike riding alternate days).
  • Get a exercise buddy to motivate you.
There are endless ways to exercise while having fun so no more excuse!

It is not necessary to do a strenuous workout; a brisk walk or a mild jog with your dog is also a great exercise. Small steps to health are important because always small initiation make big difference.

So I think we have enough reasons to start exercising and stay healthy. Let me know what reasons do you have to exercise?


  1. Hi Ravositti, thanks for the info. I love football / soccer the most, it's fun.

  2. @Isaac,

    I am glad that you liked the information. I too love soccer and we play soccer matches every weekend. Playing outdoor games is a great exercise and it is fun :)

  3. i likd ur post, i usd to workout in a gym but dat turned out to be a gossip centre so i opted out-i wantd to stay in gud shape,ur post is encouraging enuf for me to get my jogging shoes on.

  4. @Sormita,
    Its great that you feel inspired by reading this article. Stay focused and you can easily handle such distractions. Good luck!