Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top 5 reaons to look for new job?

Caught in dilemma, here are 5 reasons for you to look for while deciding a job change:-

Outdated Skill set:
  • What if your company kicks you out today?
  • Will you be able to find a better job or just an equivalent job?
  • If no, then is there any scope that you can improve your skills in current job?
  • Can you attend trainings in your organization to improve your skillset?
If answer to any of the above questions is no then you should quickly build a plan & look for new job.
Remember to stay alive in this cut throat competition you should atleast meet the minimum requirements of the industry.

Salary too low to survive:

Salary is not the most important factor people consider while changing jobs but however it is one of the important factor. Moreover it hurts more when you know that some of your less experienced colleagues or less qualified workers earn more than double of your salary. Varying salaries are always part and parcel of industry but pay discrimination should not be allowed.

Do you know what you are worth in the market?
Are you paid what you are worth?
Did you consult your supervisor about it?

If even after doing all this nothing has been resolved then its better to update your resume and look for that exciting new job which pays your worth.

Lack of support:

Many people change job because of they don’t have support at the workplace. This is one of reason people always love to join an organization in which their friends/relatives are already working.

If you have a Ogre boss who always looks for an opportunity to hunt you down for every silly thing than its better to look for a new job in another organization..

Blurry Future:

Can you picture yourself 2-3 years ahead? Do you have such opportunities with your employer that can take you anywhere near to that? If no then why are you stuck here? It is good to love your job but not your company if you cannot grow with it.

Low job satisfaction:

People develop when they have challenges to face and only then their true potential is unearthed.
Do have enough challenging responsibilities which you can take care of?
Is your work all exciting and allow creativity?
Or do you even get enough work to do?
Just because your job is boring & mundane, you should not think of switching. You can try to create challenges & set goals for yourself to achieve. It will generate your interest in your work. But remember you are working 8 Hours x 5 Days x 12 Months x 35 years(approx) and that is a major part of your lifetime so its better to do something which you really love.

Let me know your what reasons compel you for a job change?


  1. My brother works in an Germany NGO named BORDA, with mediocre salary. But as far as I know, he is happy to be there, having many activities with friends from the same office together. I want the same atmosphere when I work.

  2. @Isaac
    I totally agree with you my friend. Earning normal salary in a job you love is far better than earning high salary in a highly stressed job.
    I hope you get a great job which you desire.