Monday, February 23, 2009

Things to do when bored!!!

Too bored to open eyes!

Are you bored? I'll not bore you more with a long list of 300 things to do when bored. Here is a simple list in top down approach to cheer you up & make you feel happy.

Search your phone.
  • Dial any unknown number. Talk to the person who answers the phone & try to engage him as long as you can. Keep a stopwatch and set a record for yourself to beat.
  • Think about someone whom you have not called for quite sometime. Dial them and catch up on the happenings.
  • Call a loved one and know about their well being.
Act crazy.
  • Dress as silly as you can and then look at the mirror and laugh at yourself. For even better results, go out in the public park for a walk. Maybe you would be the next trend setter.
  • Take photos of yourself making various funny faces. Take printouts of those photos & prepare a collage or use it as your desktop wallpaper.
  • Dress-up with all the clothes in your closet & try doing lunges (remember Joe in Friends)
Time to rock.
  • Put on some of your favorite funky tunes in your preferred media player & try singing along. Dancing with the tunes will be even better.
  • Rent some great comedy movies. Animated ones will be better. (I love animations.)
Reading is good.
  • Select a book that interests you. Make a habit to read few pages everyday & reward yourself when you complete a book. Try to read one book every month.
  • The World Wide Web is full of information and knowledgeable articles, so just go to your favorite website\blog or search your topic and read.

Hobby acts as an outlet of emotions for some, and a way to gain knowledge for others. It is an excellent tool to unearth your hidden talents. So pursue your hobby & you will be doing some productive task while killing boredom.

Take a nap:

Shut everything down and get to a comfy littler corner & cuddle up under your favorite blanket. It is like pressing a reset button of your machine. A quick nap packs invigorates you, so you are more active & fresh.

A Boring solution:

Ok you tried all of the above things. Take this boring challenge.
  • List 10 things which make you feel happy.
  • Pick any one activity out of this list and do it. I bet, you will be out of this slump.

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. ~Mark Twain

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  1. hiiiiii sir
    this article is really a good one n that dialing any unknown number is really graet.
    i ll be going to try it.

    paras sahni

  2. @Cheers
    Thanks. You are welcome here :)


  3. Thanks for this nice post. I would push it even a little further and say that you should determine never to be idle. Practice these things not only when you are bored, you can do it whenever you are idle.

  4. Hey..RP the post is really useful n em gonna try one'f those myself..but then..the outcomes may sometimes b not favorable,iff in case that person ,whom u r gonna bother isn't that excited about ur call.
    But still we all shud keep trying ..
    Also we can try our hands on hobbies like cooking and dancing and even cleaning up one's room can also take one out of his/her boredom.

    Also writing comments about others' posts can also be a nice pastime..isn't em doing..It perked me up :)
    Truly an amazing post..

    Keep it up...