Thursday, February 12, 2009

4 Easy ways to Manage Job Stress

As of now you would have surely identified the levels of stress you are experiencing at workplace, so now lets discuss few effective ways to tackle it.

You should learn to manage and reduce Job stress. There are numerous of ways and techniques which are advised to reduce the stress & handle it in a effective manner.

Here are four easy ways which you should follow.

Be responsible for your health.

Start positively:
Try to getup early and have a nice little walk in the presence of morning breeze. Perspiring has been said to play a major role in relieving stress so it will be great to get into an Aerobic session or even a mild jog.

Eat healthy:
What you eat has a lot of affect on how your day will be. Low level of blood sugar makes you feel easily irritable and too much of it makes you feel logy so eating right is the key here. Eat lot of varieties of foods. Eat in small portions on a regular interval to keep your sugar level balanced. Finally, drink lots of water.

Sleep well:
Good night sleep is very important to recharge your body. It refills energy in your body & relaxes your mind. Make sure you sleep at the right hours so that you have a fresh start for the next day.

Stay away from Alcohol and drugs:
A stressed person can easily fall prey to these and will lead his way to alcohol abuse. Smoking or alcohol reduces anxiety temporarily but nicotine levels in these things compound the stress & will also harm physical health.

Time Management.

Leave early for work:
This will save you from rushing to your place frantically and also from getting stressed early morning. Even if you get to office 10-15 minutes early it will help you ease into the day.

Take it lightly:
Take things one at a time. Multi-tasking is good but excessive of anything is harmful. Do not over-commit yourself. Avoid doing too many back-to-back tasks & remember there are other members in your team who are also willing to work.

Regular Breaks:
Sitting continuously in front of your computer screen will not get you a solution to your problem. Learn to take small breaks after every hour or a half. It will ease your mind and will make you more productive.

Prioritize, organize & reorganize.

Set task priority:
List all your tasks, assign a priority to each and handle the most important one first followed by less priority ones. This will always keep you mentally ready for the pending tasks and will help you to manage better.

Delegate & fragment:
If you are trying to control every step & oversee every activity you are putting unnecessary pressure onto you. Let go of this as there are other members in your team who may like to help you or do a piece of work from that huge chunk. So, always fragment the tasks and delegate small parts to other team members which may ease the load.

Avoid conflicts.
Workplace consists of fuming egos and interpersonal conflicts among employees which is harmful for your mental and physical health. It is better to avoid such situations and try to steer clear of personal opinions about someone.

Ok, so finally we have something at our hand to fix the stressful life and be happy & lively ever.

And the most important point, remember any amount of money could not pay for the stress that you will experience. So always do a thorough check & make your mind before getting into a stressful job.

It will be great to know how you handle stress effectively, so kindly share your thoughts here.

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  1. Heyllo Mr. RP....
    You seem to be having alot'f xperience in going smoothly through tough workplace scenarios...
    Its a pleasure reading ur second article while i am visiting again.
    Keep helping the stressed out lot,in workplace as well as in other walks of life.

    hoping to catch another one soon!


  2. Thanks TeaPea, these encouraging words from all of you keep me going :)