Thursday, March 12, 2009

Work Smart not Hard!

You should have a plan to execute before diving straight into the job & wandering aimlessly with lot of wasted time. Asses the work at hand & then calculate the variables like ‘Effort required”, “Complexity”, “Priority” and the expected deadline. With proper plan you can tackle the work effectively with optimal resources.

Right tools + Nice tricks = “Smart worker”
You need to be armed & equipped with latest information, tools or technology to be best at your job. You can’t cut a wet log with a jagged saw; knowing the right tool for the work at hand is very important. Learning various handy shortcuts will save a great deal of pain. So try to spend sometime and pickup the various tricks of trade in your field. These may or may not make you the king but will surely save you from becoming a slave.
Imagine if there was no Ctrl+Z (Undo command)?

Get things arranged properly at your workplace. It maybe files, folders at the table or in your desktop. Similar things can be grouped together; assign distinct place for each group. Follow this approach & you can pick everything even with eyes closed.

Develop smart practices
Learn from your experience & reuse the best tricks you have developed. If there are few steps you need perform for every activity then devise a way to automate it so that a lot of manual work is saved. Talk to your peers they may help you or advise a better way to do it.

Learn to say NO
Know your limits. You must not do everything which comes your way. Do not get trapped in accepting a task which is not in your scope or with an unreasonable expectation. Communicate clearly to your peers or superiors about your discomfort with valid reasons. Make sure you are not saying “NO” to regular services you offer; it can be bad for your career health.

Finish with a BANG
Doing things quickly & then reworking on the same due to numerous of errors is not “Smart Working”. A job well done which exceeds the expectation will be a great reward for you. Make sure that before you deliver the task, it meets (if not exceeds) the expectation of requester. Check every detail & measure accuracy so that the requester never comes back with any issues. It is like putting your seal of trust & branding yourself.

I bet there are plenty of smart workers out here so lets hear some advice from you.


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