Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I bet you will be lucky!

This is no Magical Luck school article to change your luck forever but this is what works for me.

We all dream a lot - some are lucky, some are not. But if you think it, want it, dream it, then it's real. You are what you feel. - Tim Rice

It is not the way our fortunes are but it is the way we build our fortunes that makes us lucky or unlucky. If you want to be lucky follow the below list and your bad luck will leave you forever( Hope for the best always).

Create short-term goals.
How can you aim without having a target? Setting a goal makes your target visible. It helps you focus. Short term goals act as building blocks. It can be as simple as learning a new recipe this weekend or whatever you feel you should accomplish today, tomorrow or at most this week. Your short-term goals are stepping stones to achieve your long-term goals. So every smaller goal achieved will bring you a step closer to your long-term goal.

Create long-term goals.
Long term goals are very important. You may not fix a proper date to it but you can have an approx timeline to measure your progress. Long term goals must have a timeline of a month, a year at max. Long goal tasks should be like “Moving into a management position”, “Learning a foreign language”, “Buying a car or a house” etc.

Refine your goals.

Are your goals crystal-clear?
Each of your goals should define in detail what you will achieve. You cannot have vague goals.

Are they realistic?
You can have a goal to be the first man to land on Mars but that may not be a realistic goal for you. You must have goals which make you work hard but they should be realistic.

Are they quantifiable?
Your goal should be measureable. Can somebody else assess whether you have achieved your goal? If no, then add a measureable unit to it.

What about the timeline?
Goal with no timeline do not motivate you & thus you will not work towards achieving it. Also, don’t have too rigid or too loose timelines, both won’t workout.

Are they meaningful?
You can have endless list of goals but not all are worthwhile. A goal worth committing is one which makes you feel good when accomplished or adds some value or makes you proud or/& happy.

Don’t Procrastinate.
Delaying deadlines and later trying hard to meet the ends leads to unnecessary hassles. We mostly procrastinate because we fear that we may do it wrong or we may not do it all. But you fail to realize that you have come to such conclusion without even giving the task a try. So don’t procrastinate and take action. Get away for anything that distracts you or anything that can hold you from completing a particular task & get it done.

"Do it now, because one day you'll either be saying I wish I had or I'm glad I did!" - Unknown

Work Hard.
As Thomas Edison said “There is no substitute for hard work”. It doesn’t happen that you will be great from day one in field of your choice or interest. It takes a lot of hard work to get up there; researchers have even coined a term called Ten Year rule. It even suggests that for many of the world class achievers it has taken 20-30 years of hard work before hitting their zenith.

Be a Learner.
Learning is a never ending process. You should be always open to new opportunities in your way & be ready to learn. It increases your knowledge & keeps you in sync with the current happenings.

Reward yourself.
Whenever you accomplish a goal (no matter how small or gigantic), you should celebrate the achievement. This motivates you & increases your hunger to achieve more. Leo on Zenhabits advises that while setting a goal we can list an appropriate award for the same. It will make you feel good of your accomplishment.

Our luck is in our hands and the steps we take in our life decide the outcome of our various actions. It is all about our outlook and how we see things around us.

"The more positive we are, the luckier we will be." - RP


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  2. Hey RP,
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